JASEKA - We are the still the same, yet different

JASEKA is a consulting and educational company that has been working in the field of industry and services over 12 years. Its consultants, coaches, and instructors are in the long-term focused on providing support to operating management, to leaders of divisions, operations, departments, and centres. The members of JASEKA’s team are mainly specialized in programmes of radical changes in company culture, in strengthening of independence of individuals and teams, growth and development of self-organizing ability, dynamics and vitality. Basically, it means support of transformation and improving of productivity by applying the principles of Lean Thinking.

The experience of JASEKA comes from running dozens of projects for more than 60 important customers from the field of industry, commerce, and services. Individual projects last from one to several days, up to projects that last several years. JASEKA focuses its programmes and projects on building a team-based company, on development of leadership and more effective management of employees, on strengthening the autonomy of individual production teams, however, especially on implementation and development of the system of sustainable improving (Kaizen) and the principles of Lean Enterprise. All services are provided either as near as possible to the workplaces of participants, or they are even provided directly in the process of production, in participants’ real environment.

Our team of consultants has succeeded to address even more the needs of their customers by combining the knowledge of human behaviour and contemporary communication with unique and practically exploitable know-how and experience coming from transformational projects and the knowledge from the field of modern industrial engineering. JASEKA’s coaches and instructors are nowadays specialized mainly in performance-oriented coaching of teams, in motivating people to achieving of outstanding performance and to constant improving, in strengthening of process-based arrangement and lean enterprise, systematic supervision, and improvement of productivity.

By coaching, we help teams to take over total responsibility for achieving agreed objectives, to improve mutual cooperation, and to strengthen their orientation on customers.

When realizing joint projects, our clients receive not only the pre-set and defined benefits (contributions to value creation), but thanks to mutual cooperation, they receive also additional benefits as:
  • more trust within the company through creating authoritative examples;
  • breaking the layers that can obstruct communication;
  • identifying of specific areas for improvement, for higher commitment of outstanding individuals;
  • strengthening of the concept of lean management and lean production (providing of services);
  • substantial release of team members‘ energy for increasing creativity and performance;
  • opportunity for well-considered balancing of speed, costs, quality, reliability, and achieving of new types of contribution to value creation with abilities and motivation of people in the company.
All activities are managed on a project basis and their benefits are defined in advance. Also the criteria of quality and indicators of success are set beforehand. All results, partial as well as final ones, are visualized during the project and they are regularly evaluated in joint meetings. Added value for the client consists mainly in the fact that the participants of trainings, coaching, and projects not only change their individual insights and become involved in the process of perfection but in this sense, they also influence the behaviour of their teams.